PhD studies


VID Specialized University in Stavanger offers a PhD program in theology and religion. The program is characterized by academic excellence, flexibility with regard to time (3-6 years, full time / part-time) and attendance requirements, as well as by low fees. Linked to the program is a research cluster focusing on African biblical studies.

The Bible and Africa in Stavanger PhD Projects

Current projects
  • Medhat Nady (Egypt): “From judgment to blessing: An exegetical analysis of Isaiah 19”, VID Specialized University, Stavanger (Supervisors: Knut Holter and Marta Høyland Lavik)

  • Kjersti Wee (Norway): “A good wife? A critical study of how ordinary Bible readers in Madagascar understand Proverbs 31:10-31 in relation to the question of women oppression and liberation”, VID Specialized University, Stavanger (Supervisors: Marta Høyland Lavik and Knut Holter)

  • Tarekegn Abate (Ethiopia): “The meaning and significance of discerning the body in 1 Corinthians 11:29: An exegetical analysis of 1 Corinthians 11:17-34,” VID Specialized University, Stavanger (Supervisors: Jostein Ådna and Tina Dykesteen Nilsen)
Completed projects
  • Olivier Randrianjaka (Madagascar): “Sin, purification and sacrifice: An investigation into the text of Leviticus and its worldviews, and relating this to Malagasy culture,” VID Specialized University, Stavanger: 2020  (Supervisors: Jostein Ådna and Hans Austnaberg)
  • Zephania Shila Nkesela (Tanzania): “A Maasai Encounter with the Bible: Nomadic lifestyle as a hermeneutical question,” VID Specialized University, Stavanger: 2018 (Supervisor: Knut Holter)
  • Beth E. Elness-Hanson (USA): “Generational curses in the Pentateuch: An American and Maasai intercultural analysis,” VID Specialized University, Stavanger: 2016 (Supervisor: Knut Holter)
  • Jean de Dieu Rafalimanana (Madagascar): “From the biblical apokatallasso and eirene to the Malagasy fampihavanana and fihavanana: An exegetical study of Ephesians 2:11-22 with particular focus on the terms ‘reconciliation’ and ‘peace’ and their Malagasy contextualisation mediated through translation,” VID Specialized University, Stavanger: 2016 (Supervisor: Jostein Ådna)
  • Ruben Ngozo (Cameroon): “The one God and the many gods: Monotheism and idolatry in 1 Cor 8:1-11:1 in light of Philo’s writings,” School of Mission and Theology, Stavanger: 2012 (Supervisor: Torrey Seland)
  • Nkabala Helen Nambalirwa (Uganda): “‘There is no difference between Moses and Kony’: A critical analysis of the contextual use of some Old Testament texts and motifs in the early years of the Lord’s Resistance Army,” School of Mission and Theology, Stavanger: 2012 (Supervisors: Knut Holter and Marta Høyland Lavik)
  • Georges Andrianoelina Razafindrakoto (Madagascar): “Old Testament texts in Malagasy contexts: An analysis of the use of the old testament in three religious contexts in Madagascar,” University of South Africa, Pretoria: 2006 (Supervisors: Magdel LeRoux and Knut Holter)
  • Philip Lokel (Uganda): “The importance and challenges of finding Africa in the Old Testament: The case of the Cush texts,” University of South Africa, Pretoria: 2006 (Supervisors: Willie van Heerden and Knut Holter)
  • Lechion Peter Kimilike (Tanzania): “An African perspective on poverty proverbs in the book of Proverbs: An analysis for transformational possibilities,” University of South Africa, Pretoria: 2006 (Supervisors: Madipoane Masenya and Knut Holter)
  • Marta Høyland Lavik (Norway): “A people tall and smooth-skinned: The rhetoric of Isaiah 18,” University of Oslo: 2004 (Supervisor: Knut Holter)