Bibliographical documentation

This project on bibliographical documentation of critical Old Testament studies in Africa started quite widely (cf. the 1996 study), but gradually it turned in the more narrow direction of an analysis of the doctoral dissertations of the first generation of African Old Testament scholars (cf. the 2002 study). The project was funded by the School of Mission and Theology (Stavanger), the Nansen Foundation and Affiliated Funds (Oslo), the Non-fiction Literature Fund (Oslo), and the Norwegian Research Council (Oslo).


  • Knut Holter: Tropical Africa and the Old Testament: A Select and Annotated Bibliography. Oslo: University of Oslo, 1996 (Faculty of Theology: Bibliography Series, 6).

  • Knut Holter: Old Testament Research for Africa: A Critical Analysis and Annotated Bibliography of African Old Testament Dissertations, 1967-2000. New York: Peter Lang, 2002 (Bible and Theology in Africa, 3).

Data from this bibliographical research is found in the “Bibliographies on Africa and the Old Testament” section of the Links and Resources page.