Open access to three textbooks in Malagasy

In May 2019, Professor Knut Holter launched three new books about aspects of African and Malagasy interpretive strategies vis-à-vis the Old Testament. Read the announcement here. The books are written in Malagasy and they are intended to be used as textbooks / resources for Malagasy theology students. The books are now made accessible online, as open access.


Moa Mpitandrina ny Rahalahiko va aho?

The book discusses popular and intercultural interpretation of the Bible, analyzing the interpretive processes of two research projects; one that invited youth groups (16-18 years old) in Madagascar, Thailand, and Norway to read the parable about the prodigal son (Luke 15) togetether, and the other inviting groups of adults (50-65 years old) in Madagascar and Norway to read the narrative about Cain and Abel (Genesis 4) together.

Nanokatra ny sain’ireo Izy

The book discusses Old Testament text and motifs as resources in relation to the discipline of missiology, with a special focus on religious and cultural challenges in developing interpretive strategies to biblical texts and African contexts.

Fandalinana Testamenta Taloha mihatra ami-konteksta any Afrika sy Madagasikara

A revised version of a 2012 edition of the book, focusing on contextual interpretation of the Old Testament in Africa. The book has a thematic and historical profile, presenting major lines in African biblical hermeneutics and tracing the development of a critical Old Testament studies in Africa.