Friday 12 April 2019 in Uppsala, Sweden: A conference on Biblical Studies and Practical Theology was co-organized by Johannelund School of Theology (Uppsala) and Centre for Mission and Global Studies, VID Specialized University (Stavanger).

The  conference aimed at presenting on-going doctoral research and creating some examples of south-south and south-north dialogue, and the conference papers illustrated how two quite distinct theological disciplines today share some crucial perspectives with regard to questions of interpretive context and relevance.

From the left, Zo Ramiandra Rakotoarison (Madagascar, now Stavanger): ‘Faith-oriented and asset-based community development in a Malagasy context,’ Fanos W. Tsegaye (Ethiopia, now St. Andrews): ‘Prayers addressed to Christ: A historical-theological analysis of the Ethiopic Anaphorae,’  Sofanit T. Abebe (Ethiopia, now Edinburgh): ‘A comparative analysis of the eschatologies of 1 Enoch and 1 Peter,’ Kjersti  Wee (Norway, Stavanger): ‘Reading Proverbs 31 with Bara women in Madagascar,’ and Thokozile Phiri (South Africa, now Stavanger):The role of religion in addressing women’s sexual reproductive health and rights: A qualitative case study of the Anglican Church in Cape Town, South Africa.’ Additionally—but not in the picture—there were papers by Dr Beth Elness-Hanson (USA, now Uppsala): ‘Multi-epistemological exegesis: The strength of hybridity with a case study analysis of Exod 20:4–6’ and professor Knut Holter (Stavanger): ‘ Why it matters!An introduction to African biblical studies and practical theology with the rise of World Christianity,’ and professor Anna Rebecca Solevåg (Stavanger) organized a panel discussion.